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Gary D Brackins & Associates

Residential Designers for Custom Homes, Additions & Renovations Throughout Southeastern Massachusetts

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Builder Services
How often have you submitted drawings to the Building Official and weeks later found there were issues with the plans? Missing details, drawings, specifications, compliance reports and structural member sizing can create delays. Or issues with Zoning Regulations? Or Conservation, or the Board of Health? Or lack of a site plan?

How often have you gotten a call from your crew because there was a problem with the drawings only found once construction began and they have to stop until the problem is resolved? How do you resolved these problem? Can you contact the designer? When will you get a call back? Will they know how to handle the issue?

What does all of this have in common? Delays. And we all know that time costs money. How can you avoid these problems?

It's simple, work with experienced professional designers that not only knows how to use a CAD program, but more importantly knows:

     1. Building construction
     2. Building Codes and Regulations
     3. Zoning Regulations
     4. Conservation Regulations
     5. Board of Health Regulations
     6. High Wind Construction and Design
     7. Flood Hazard Zone Construction and Design
     8. Has a complete understanding of structural design
     9. Is a full time professional, not a weekend hobbyist
    10. Is committed to their builders and their success
    11. Is a member of professional organizations
    12. Attends continuing education seminars and courses

Contact us for a meeting to discuss how our pairing would be beneficial to us both. You'll discover that we understand your business with its deadlines, schedules and all of the head aches that go along with it.

You will find us easy to work with, and extremely knowledgeable. We catch problems before they become problems.

What if I have a Question?

What if you have a question concerning building codes, or construction techniques. How much time out of your day will it take to look up the information. Which code book do you have to use? We have so many these days. How do I size this beam I need?

When you're one of our builders it's a simple call to get the information. We will then email you the information with the section of the code.

P r e v i o u s   N e w s l e t t e r s


We send out periodic emails and newsletters to our builders informing them of issues affecting building construction. These topics range from:

     1. Proposed building code changes
     2. Continuing Education Training courses
     3. Current building trends
     4. Other regulations and legislation affecting construction

 Our builders knew about the EPA's Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule months ago and were provided with a list of upcoming training courses so they could be in compliance long before the deadline arrived.

If you would like to add us to your list, please send us an email and we'll gladly add you.